3 Candle Scents to Transform Your Home into a Relaxation Station

3 Candle Scents to Transform Your Home into a Relaxation Station

Scented candles are a great way to create ambience in your house. They have been proven to help reduce stress levels and are commonly lit to create the ideal environment to relax in.

We have a range of scents that will do just that, so let us take you through them.

Citrus Sorbet

Citrus scents have been shown to help lift people’s moods. It has been said to  help promote an overall sense of calm. If you want to destress after a long day, an invigorating mix of citrus smells – grapefruit, mandarin, pomelo, yuzu, lime and lemon – should do just the trick. A citrus-scented candle would also be a great addition to your morning routine, to give you an extra boost before you start the day so you can get off on the right foot.

While citrus is a great scent to light when you’re in need of a destress and a breather, it might not work as well if you’re looking for relaxation that gives you a sedative-like effect. Citrus is best used for giving you a little lift, which is just a different form of relaxation!


Our vanilla scents are sweet and comforting, perfect for when you want to indulge in a night of self-care and make yourself feel as relaxed as possible. The warming, nostalgic scent will help you unwind and get the atmosphere right for when you just want to relax.

This popular option comes in different combinations, including black raspberry and vanilla, so you can pick your favourite to complement the relaxing ambience you want to create.

Spiced Apple Pie

If you’re looking for a comforting scent to transport you back to a happier time, spiced apple pie is the scent for you. Somewhat similarly to vanilla scents, our spiced apple pie scent evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

We don’t think there are many people that don’t like the smell of a fresh apple pie right out of the oven. When you need to relax, that exact smell and the emotion that comes with it will do just that for you.

Create Your Relaxing Ambience

Being able to unwind and destress at the end of the day (or being able to get it off to a good start) is so important for our overall mental wellbeing. To help you create that sense of relaxation in your home, we have created beeswax candles that will help you do that.

Depending on what you want to target, whether you need a mood booster or the ultimate comforter, there’s a scent for every occasion.

Create that sense of relaxation, you deserve it!