4 Best Candle Scents for a Romantic Night

4 Best Candle Scents for a Romantic Night

Picture this, you’ve set everything up for a romantic night in. Maybe you’ve made a delicious dinner, you’ve dimmed the lights and you’ve got the music playing. But something’s missing.

Adding a scented candle to the mix can take your night from good to great, adding to the overall ambience and atmosphere that you’ve created. We’re going to take you through our four favourite scents to give your romantic night that extra flair.

Vanilla is a classic scent that everyone loves so you can’t really go wrong with this pick. Vanilla gives off a sugary, subtle scent perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your romantic night in. This scent also pairs well with a host of other scents, if you were looking for a more unique scent that still retains that sweet smell.

We would recommend our classic vanilla, our black raspberry and vanilla or our tobacco and vanilla (if you were looking for a deeper scent).

Our blackberry forest candle will help you create a sophisticated atmosphere for your night. If you’re going for something a little classier, maybe dinner and wine rather than say, a movie, this is the choice for you. The earthy notes of crushed blackberry woven in with sweet vanilla makes a winning combination that smells great and will transport you out of your home.

If you’re looking for a fruitier option, French pear is a fantastic choice. Not everyone prefers floral scents, but certain fruity smells don’t necessarily scream ‘romantic’ but don’t worry, we have created the perfect option for you.

The combination of pear with floral notes and a delicate touch of honey work together to create an irresistible scent you’ll wish you could take a bite out of. Without being overpowering, this scent is the perfect addition to a date night of any kind.

To create the ultimate cosy atmosphere, our whiskey room candle is an excellent choice. Imagine sitting by a crackling fireplace, a glass of whiskey in hand covered in a warm blanket after a day out in the cold. That’s what this candle smells like.

While this scent would work for any kind of night in, it would be particularly apt for a night in, cosy on the sofa.

Create Your Perfect Night In

To elevate your romantic night in and impress whoever you are enjoying it with, consider the kind of atmosphere you want to set. Scented beeswax candles can help create the ambience you want, and scent plays a big part in this.

Luckily, there is a range to choose from, so your perfect night is just one click away!