How To Use Candles In Your Christmas Decorations

How To Use Candles In Your Christmas Decorations

The holiday season is a time for everyone to share good tidings and joy, and to go wild with Christmas decorations whether inside or outside. Everyone enjoys looking at the multitude of Christmas decorations that can be seen on any street and not forgetting the traditional Christmas tree. Christmas cards often portray the traditional tree with candles burning brightly on the limbs, but we definitely do not recommend you use candles on your tree, for this, you are much better sticking to the modern twinkling fairy lights.

So, how can you incorporate candles into your Christmas décor? They certainly bring a sense of the traditional into your home and, used in the right way, can really take your decorating efforts to the next level. There are many different decorative candle and votive holders that can help you tie candles into your Christmas theme, and even festive-themed burners for use with wax melts. Whatever type of candles you choose to use, you can be sure that a Christmas scented candle will bring a real sense of the season into your home.

Fill Your Home with Christmas Aromas

You can use scented candles in jars dotted around your home to create a beautiful ambient lighting. The holiday season is often a stressful time of year with all those presents to buy and wrap, friends and family paying extra visits throughout the month and children who can barely contain their excitement with Santa on the way. Why not turn off those harsh electric bulbs and enjoy the twinkling tree lights combined with the soft flickering of scented candles throughout the room?

If scent is more your thing, a scented wax melt is the perfect way to fill your home with a wide variety of smells. It’s tiring to bake all day and for every new arrival, so take the easy way out and simply light a tealight under one of our natural wax melts. You can even use them to take a few moments of relaxation for yourself amidst all the hustle and bustle and draw a long bath whilst indulging in the aroma of a apple pie scented candle and wax melt.

You can also use candles to impress when guests come round to spread good cheer. A luxury scented candle fills your home with a beautiful scent and relaxing, ambient lighting. But to really up your game, you can utilise your luxury candles as part of a festive centrepiece at the table. Even if you don’t have festive candle holders you can easily make your own.

Candles Are The Perfect Centrepiece For Your Christmas Vibes Deco

A traditional display might include a large candle at the table’s centre with two smaller candles on either side. Using candles in glass jars makes it easier to decorate around the candles, and also makes them safer to have at the table as the flames are protected by the glass jars and the jars provide a solid base for the candle making them more difficult to tip over. You can decorate around your candle display using whatever colour fits in with your theme, another reason why candles as Christmas décor is such a versatile idea. Your table décor can range from traditional pine branches and pine cones with ribbons in complementary colours to a more modern, but very effective, bauble display. You only need to arrange a selection of baubles around the glass jars in whatever colours take your fancy and the candlelight will catch the baubles and reflect in their surface creating a really eye-catching centrepiece that your guests will be talking about long after the food is gone.