Why Candles Make An Excellent Christmas Gift in 2021

Why Candles Make An Excellent Christmas Gift in 2021

2021 Christmas gifts can be a source of real stress and deliberation. Getting people the perfect gift has turned into something of an art with so many different products available on the market and increasing pressure to purchase unique gifts that will be enjoyed rather than pushed to the back of the cupboard, or donated to a charity in January. There is also an increasing pressure on consumers to purchase gifts sustainably- to not purchase products which can harm the environment, or which contribute to global warming or use plastics to name just a few considerations when searching for gifts.

Candles Gifts: For When the Thought Counts

It’s often said that the greatest gift you can give someone is your time, yet in today’s age of wi-fi, video calling, and working hours that extend far beyond the traditional 9-5, it’s much harder to spend time with friends and loved ones. This means that a thoughtful gift is even more important, and what could be better than giving a candle as your Christmas gift. Candles encourage relaxation and when they’re burning and create ambient lighting which is far more calming than our modern electric bulbs. If you give your friends and family one of our luxury candles, they’ll be able to light it and think of you as they enjoy the calming scents. Or, if wax melts are more their thing, a selection of wax melts can make an excellent stocking filler. For a loved one, you could even purchase a bundle of wax melts and create a special advent calendar for them to enjoy throughout the month of December.

Along with traditional candle scents such as spiced apple pie candles and vanilla candles, Abeille Candles is also proud to create special festive scented candles which are just perfect for gift giving. Our Christmas Pine scent can fill your home from top to bottom with the scent of fresh pine, without the hassle of bringing a live tree into your home. Alternatively, fill the house with the scent of freshly baked gingerbread without the need to wash a single dish. What could be better?

Give The Christmas Gift Of Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Candles

Now candles are not always made sustainably, but when you purchase from Abeille Candles, you can rest assured that all of our products are produced in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our candles are all made from beeswax, native to New Zealand and blended with organic coconut oil from the Pacific Island. Other than the scent, there is no other ingredient in our scented candles. They are entirely sustainable, and since they are made from beeswax, they also burn with a clean flame, unlike other candles which can produce a sooty residue.

Luxurious scents and sustainably produced, what more could you want from a Christmas gift? Well, you didn’t think we’d forget about the packaging, did you? Every single one of our candles is posted either to you or to your lucky recipient in gorgeous presentation boxes. At Abeille Candles, we put our heart and soul into what we do. Like anything that’s made with love, you can really tell the difference and that’s the secret ingredient in our candles, love. We are passionate about our products and it really shines through. From the second you receive one of our candles, right down to the very last flickering of the spent candle, the quality of our candles is evident. Unlike other luxury products, we don’t charge an arm and a leg so you can easily afford to buy a candle for every family member and al your friends as well. After all, you don’t have to tell them the price when you give a gift for Christmas!