Luxury Candles

We all love to enjoy a little bit of luxury in life, especially in our homes. In fact, our homes may be the place where we indulge ourselves the most. We can't all afford fancy furniture and expensive high-end decorations, and sometimes we don't want anything permanent, we just want a change. You can bring a touch of opulence to your home by simply lighting a candle. Harsh electric lighting can make us feel tired, drying our eyes, and there's no replacement for outdoor light. Turn down the electric lighting and light a luxury candle in its place. The warm flickering candle glow will be a welcome change and add warmth to your room.
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Luxury Candles In NZ To Add Style To Your Home

Of course, you can achieve a flickering light throughout your house with the use of regular tea lights, but to add that luxurious feel, a beautifully made and artfully scented candle can really take your relaxation to the next level. There are many different types of luxury scented candles and different smells can take you to different places. We all know that the smell of fresh-baked bread and cookies has our mouths watering and stomachs rumbling, and lavender is traditionally associated with relaxing sleep. But what if we told you that you could make your whole house smell like a spiced apple pie on a Sunday afternoon? Imagine the roast dinner has been cleaned away, and instead of the lingering smell of chicken and stuffing, the house begins to fill with warm aromas of cinnamon and clove - a perfect smell to relax by and it sure saves baking a second course! Perhaps you enjoy long soaks in the tub? Try relaxing in the hot steam, surrounded by bubbles, and the scent of French Pear filling the air as your skin wrinkles and all your stress floats away and down the plughole.

Try Our Luxury Candles' Scents Range & Find Your Favourite One

A change in scent can bring a real change in the way we feel and behave, and it isn’t limited to making us sleepy or stirring our appetites. Everyone has their own favourite scents and once you’ve found the scent that just clicks with you, you’ll never forget it. After a long week of work or a difficult evening persuading the kids to stay in bed, lighting a candle and settling down to relax can feel like such a treat. Lighting a luxury scented candle is a wonderful way to treat yourself to some you time, indulge in some self-care, and who knows, you might have more than one favourite candle!

Buy Your Luxury Scented Candles In New Zealand From Abeille

Abeille has been lovingly built by Brett and Ellie. Brett is a true perfectionist when it comes to the creation of beeswax candles. He spends long nights devoted to finding the absolute perfect combination of scents in every NZ luxury scented candle from Abeille.

All our candles are made from beeswax, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable way to indulge and also offer a longer and cleaner burn with a brighter light than other fuels.

If you’ve enjoyed one of our luxury candles, we would love to see it brightening your home so remember to take a picture and tag us on Instagram.
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