Natural Scented Wax Candles

There is so much more focus on the way we live our lives today. We’ve never been more passionate about ensuring the products we consume and produce are made in a way which does not harm the environment during its production, or after its disposal. Natural products are commonly misinterpreted as being not as good as their man-made counterparts, not as strong or potent or just less effective. To that, we say rubbish! When you buy an Abeille candle NZ, you are buying a product which not only offers an incredible sense of luxury with the finest fragrances but also a natural product which is friendly to the environment and produced in a sustainable fashion. Our natural candles NZ are made from beeswax, obtained in beautiful New Zealand, and blended with organic coconut oil from the Pacific Island. Even unscented beeswax will burn with a subtle aroma of honey, but not only that, it will burn with the same light spectrum as the sun. This ensures a calming, natural light as your natural wax candles burn.
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The Best Natural Candles In NZ

Beeswax, being a natural fuel, also provides a cleaner burn than other candles, avoiding the black sooty substance that can gather around glass candle jars after a few hours. Natural wax candles also offer a longer burn time than a man-made candle, so you really get your money’s worth when you buy one.

Natural scented candles are not only better for our environment but also offer a richer, more fulfilling scent. Much like the difference between real leather and faux leather, our noses know when they’re being treated to the real thing and a natural aroma is a much more pleasant experience than a chemical substitute. Naturally scented candles can even help provide relief and protection against allergies and asthma type symptoms whilst burning in your house.

Why Buy Natural Scented Candles

More than ever, our lives are being lived at full speed with less time to relax than we’ve ever had. Every minute of our spare time is consumed with social media, staying in touch with busy friends, or trying to cook and eat healthily. We all deserve to be able to turn the lights down for a few minutes and put our feet up, forgetting the pressures of daily life.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on fancy spa days or weekend breaks to achieve a fully relaxed feeling. Make yourself your favourite drink, turn off the screens and get rid of the blue light, tuck yourself into a blanket and a comfortable chair, maybe even grab a few biscuits and light a natural candle with a scent you love. In just a short while, you’ll feel the weight on your shoulders lift as you envelope yourself in natural scents and light.

Abeille Candles: Dedicated To Bringing You High-Quality Natural Candles In NZ

We are Brett and Ellie, and we are passionate about making the best natural candles of the highest quality. Brett is a perfectionist when it comes to developing the perfect scents for every candle and we guarantee that every Abeille candle has been made with huge amounts of love and passion.

Try our NZ natural candles and wax melts today, and discover the Abeille difference.
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