Scented Candles

Abeille is a proud supplier of beautiful beeswax melts and scented candles in New Zealand, Australia and beyond. Offering a variety of scents and sizes, we ensure that filling your home with delicious, calming and relaxing aromas has never been easier!
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For Delicious Scented Candles In NZ, Shop with Abeille!

All of our delightful scents have been meticulously handcrafted to perfection and we are continuously striving to innovate new and exciting aromas for you to experience. Whether you are looking for a fruity fragrance, traditional vanilla scented candles or something with a bit of spice, Abeille has you covered.

Supplying Only Natural, Organic & Eco-Friendly Scented Candles!

At Abeille, we have a shared passion for sustainability and caring for the environment and proudly boast the fact that all of our wax melts and scented candles in NZ are produced from renewable sources.

The main ingredient in our products is beeswax which is derived in a bee-friendly manner and we use only the excess that they don’t require themselves. This beeswax is mixed with a small amount of organic coconut oil from the Pacific Islands; again ensuring sustainability for both the product and community.

The best part is that beeswax produces a better quality candle with many benefits:

  • Is said to have natural hypoallergenic qualities which help to purify and cleanse the air, reducing symptoms of environmental allergies and sensitivities
  • It has a higher melting point, resulting in a stronger and longer lasting burn
  • Beeswax naturally emits a delicious aroma of sweet yet subtle honey tones
  • Once lit, the candle produces a warm glow which is perfect for creating a calming haven

Purchase Our Scented Candles With Efficient Track & Trace Delivery To New Zealand & Beyond!

We want to make our beeswax candles and all our products highly accessible throughout New Zealand and internationally so dispatch the majority of orders within 2 working days and send with track and trace delivery. We currently offer free shipping for domestic purchases so whether you are shopping for scented candles in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington or elsewhere in NZ - delivery won’t cost you a cent!

Providing you with tracking references once the product is dispatched, you can enjoy following your delivery from our door to yours!

Purchase Your NZ Scented Candles Today & Be A Part Of Our Growing Community!

Aside from being your favourite supplier of flavoursome scented candles and wax melts, we want to create a community where customers can share their Abeille experiences and link up with like-minded individuals. Connect with us and each other via our social media channels!

Through these platforms and via our website, customers can also contact Abeille for advice, guidance and assistance. We are dedicated to delivering excellent service and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout every purchase.

Customers Receive Guaranteed Quality With Every Scented Candle's Purchase!

All of our products are created with perfection in mind, only supplying to customers once the aroma is flawless. With Abeille products, your home will be filled with delicious honey tones in no time! But don’t just take our word for it, try our NZ scented candles today!
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