Scented Wax Melts

Abeille is a proud supplier of beautiful beeswax melts in New Zealand, Australia and beyond. Offering a variety of scents and sizes, we ensure that filling your home with delicious, calming and relaxing aromas has never been easier! Read More

Discover Eco-Friendly Scented Wax Melts At Abeille!

For natural, handcrafted scented wax melts in NZ, look no further than Abeille! Supplying eco-friendly beeswax melts in 6 delicious fragrances, our products fill your home with sweet honey tones.

Find products you’ll love at affordable prices and take advantage of our free delivery on wax melts to NZ. With most orders dispatched within 2 working days and tracking references provided once sent, you will receive your parcel in a timely manner and be able to follow your items on their journey to your door.

Why Choose Beeswax Melts?

When shopping for wax melts and candles in NZ , customers should not be swayed by the price tag. Products made from beeswax can often be more expensive but remember - you pay for quality. Choosing beeswax has a number of benefits:

  • Beeswax is 100% natural and chemical-free which ensures that products are environmentally friendly.
  • There is a subtle natural aroma of sweet honey tones.
  • The wax has a higher melting point, enabling a longer lasting burn.
  • Beeswax is known to be naturally hypo-allergenic, cleansing and purifying the air which could benefit those with environmental allergies and sensitivities.

At Abeille, our scented wax melts are made predominantly from beeswax and have a small amount of organic coconut oil from the Pacific Island. When shopping with us, customers can rest assured that our products are made only from renewable sources.

Wax Melts vs Candles

The main differences between traditional candles NZ and our scented beeswax candle melts are their appearance and how you use them. Wax candle melts are a small block of scented wax without a wick that needs to be melted in a wax burner (either an electric or tealight burner) to release their scent.

They are generally safer to use than a candle, particularly if you choose to melt them in an electric burner that has no naked flame. If you choose to use a tealight burner, the tealight will burn itself out in a few hours.

How to Use Wax Melts

Using our beeswax melts to scent your home is a really simple process, although as we’ve already stated – you do need to use a wax melt burner.

  1. Select Your Scent – we believe that beeswax makes the best wax melts. Our melts are available in six fragrances and will burn for between 12 and 20 hours.
  2. Place it in Your Burner – one melt is enough to fill your room with a delicious scent.
  3. Start Your Burner – either by switching it on if it’s electric or lighting the tealight. The scented beeswax discs will melt slowly releasing their beautiful aroma.
  4. Clean Your Burner After Use – when you can’t smell your melt anymore it’s time to change it.

    But how do you get the old wax out?

  • It’s easiest to clean out the burner when the wax is still liquid but make sure that the ‘pot’ is cool to touch.
  • Line the top of a cup with silver foil to make a well.
  • The wax can then be poured into the well and discarded when it has solidified.
  • Alternatively, if the wax in the burner is solid, heat the burner for a short while until the wax ‘loosens’ from the side and then simply scoop it out and discard
  • Once the wax has been removed, clean the burner dish with a damp cloth or a paper towel.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service In Each Wax Melt Purchase Is A Priority

We have a strong focus on delivering only the best service to every customer. Not only do we deliver only the best quality NZ wax melts, but we are also here to provide any support and advice that you need through our social media accounts and on our website.

Brett, the mastermind behind our delicious creations, is always innovating to deliver only the best scents to our customers. Spending most nights perfecting our recipes and creating new scents, we are dedicated to bringing you wax melts that you will love.

Be sure to look at our online blog for extra guidance and tips. Offering articles on a range of subjects including caring for your Abeille purchases and facts about using beeswax as a natural material, we help to expand your knowledge of our products also.

Purchase Your Wax Melts With Fast & Informed Delivery In NZ & Internationally!

At Abeille, we offer shipping throughout New Zealand, Australia and other international countries. We don’t want expensive shipping costs to affect your decision making so for domestic purchases, delivery is free of charge!

With orders generally dispatched within 2 working days of payment, your home will be smelling delightful in no time! We also provide tracking references for every delivery so you are always in the know of where your wax melts are and of when they will arrive!

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