About Abeille



Firstly, let us introduce ourselves! 

We are Brett and Ellie - the team behind Abeille. Well.. mainly Brett, as he is the man who is producing everything behind your candle! 

We are so thankful to have you here checking out what is now our heart & soul.

Welcome to our exciting journey in bringing luxury masterfully handcrafted eco-friendly New Zealand Beeswax candles to the world. When you receive your Abeille candle, you will immediately see the love and effort that has gone into providing the best possible experience. Our primary focus is looking after our customers and providing them with the best product and support possible. No stone is unturned when creating an Abeille candle. You will find Brett spending most nights perfecting and constantly testing each candle and formula in an everlasting pursuit to build the perfect scented candle for you to enjoy in your home.



Much like a bee hive the Abeille candle provides many added benefits to a home. Everything in a hive plays a critical part in the colony’s health, the wax plays some of the biggest roles to ensure the bees are healthy and calm. 

Enjoy the profound crackle of the Wood-Wick candle flame as it emits sweet but subtle honey like scents through your home. Providing aid against allergies and asthma like symptoms throughout your home.

“Crafted by nature, perfected and delivered to your home”


Eco-Friendly Choice

Fused with native New Zealand Beeswax & a small blend of organic coconut oil from the Pacific Island, our product is a renewable source that not only sustains other communities but also burns brighter, longer and cleaner than other wax candles. 

Beeswax is the only fuel known to release sweet but subtle honey tones.

Again, we both thank you so much for your support. Each order has been packed with so much love and passion. We can't wait to see your pictures! 

Whenever you do take a picture be sure to tag us on Instagram @abeille_candles as we would love to share and create a community!