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Premium Christmas Pine Beeswax Candles

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Note this is even better when paired with Noel.

It's back and better than ever! Our Christmas pine will have your house smelling like a real Christmas pine tree, perfect for those who are allergic or can't have a real tree in their home! Sophisticated notes of bergamot, dry pine, amber sandalwood, black currant and wildflower come together to make the ultimate pine scent. We have searched far and wide for an authentic Christmas Pine fragrance, and this is it. 

Burn time:
Large - 400g up to 75 hours

Medium - 270g up to 55 hours

  • Woodwick
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • NZ sourced Beeswax
  • Calming
  • Made in NZ

The wick is made of wood instead of a cotton string used for regular candles, which gives off crackling sounds just like a fireplace. Enjoy the deep crackle of the Wood-Wick candle flame as it emits sweet but subtle honey-like scents through your home. 

Coconut Oil
Organic naturally deodorized coconut oil from the Pacific Islands which are wild harvested from small villages ethically and refined here in Christchurch. This is added into the candle blend to help create a more efficient burn and scent throw. 

locally sourced from the lush lands of the South Island (NZ). The Beeswax creates a sweet but subtle honey smell, enhanced by our fragrance oil.  

Each individual candle has been handcrafted with love in Canterbury, NZ, by the CEO himself, Brett. From the blending of the product, pouring of the wax to the packaging of each product and packaging of each shipment - it's a one-man team.  

How to ensure the long life of your Abeille Candles:

  • First time lighting, please ensure you burn for at least 4 hours 
  • Must trim wood-wick before every use.
  • Keep sheltered from drafts.
  • Burn for no longer than 5 hours at a time. 

 Please read labels for warnings and follow as directed.